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E as águas desse rio
Onde vão, eu não sei.

T as Tomorrow

Ford T Passenger Roadster, 1911.  Environment was funnier  in the olden days.

a chest of memories.or a trash folder

.. bringing out forgotten peaces of something. Forget means throw out. Means to put an item in the dump. Burn it. Blow the ash and don’t even look after it. Even in an imaginary way .
Brain is replete of useless items.
That’s why brain has a trash folder too.

It’s practical and hygienic. Just ‘secure empty trash’. And feel the real confort.

2005 old sh[ee]ts


big brown boxes, all the toys are waiting, empty shelfs, hidden notebooks, young sketches, kinder surprise, coffee mugs, eight-leg bugs…hurrying up, no floor available, piles of crocks, and paper, and things. and under them, me.