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Pa. a Mini Pop-up expo.

..so-so.. we could do without that expo…Pa’s pops rule.


Pa, Pa, hurrah! :)

The most noisy places, the most peaceful

In those days when you feel a milliard of pares of eyes watching your scruff


there’s no better thing that sitting your scruff between them. And they stop.

House sketching

This house is …boring


…it must be changed as soon as possible.

bad habits aren’t that bad

Same but pleasant



feels good to see same old stuff . Today is sometimes.

Easter Holiday

There are mornings which should last till eve.

easter morning

…girlie morning may be inspiring. Girlie mood makes perfect moments like no other mood. Not bad to have one once in a while.

morning and coffee

Spontaneous spring

Spring, lovely unbalanced . Unpredictable. Out of meaning situations. No reason people. Serious giggle or deep-healing rubbish…Toy-persons all love spring. Cheerful spring . A necessary absurd . p1000136

Curious why.  This air makes so easy getting imp spontaneously… Spring is lovely.

You cannot draw in here


The other day I heard for the first time the words ”You cannot draw in here” …?!?  It seems shopping centers are getting private places now…Incomprehensible world.

Paper house


Trimmings all around . What a joy. A paper house …and infinity of paper plans.

raining and impatient


11:11pm raining out there. Listen, wait,listen.